Co. B BTW 3a



Knowing that they were going overseas, many members of the 192nd married before they returned to Camp Polk, Louisiana.

Of the members of B Company, in this picture taken in October, 1941, only Jim Bashleben, Albert Cornils and Ray Vadenbroucke survived life as Japanese POWs.

Courtesy of Jim Bashleben


Willard Von Bergen, Andrew Hepburn and Jim Bashleben pose for a picture before leaving for a Illinois National Guard meeting in Maywood.

Courtesy of Jim Bashleben


Members of the 33rd Tank Company of the Illinois National Guard sit in front of their armory in Maywood for this picture taken in the 1930s. 


192nd tanks and trucks
Courtesy of George Smith Jr.

192nd HQ Building
Courtesy of George Smith Jr.

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