Co. B BTW 3

Pvt. Andrew Aquila learns how to fire a machine gun at Ft. Knox, Kentucky.  When this picture was taken, he was still in basic training.

Courtesy Andy Aquila


Lt. Col. Ted Wickord, Capt. Ruben Schwass, Lt. Ed Winger, Sgt Al Edwards, Sgt. John Hopple and Sgt. Jim Bashleben stand in front of B Company tanks during training at Fort Knox.  Only Lt. Col. Wickord and Sgt. Jim Bashleben would survive the war and the years of captivity as Japanese POWs.

Courtesy of Jim Bashleben


A Company B tank crew washes their tank in the creek that runs through Fort Knox.

Lt. Emmett Gibson and Sgt. Matthew MacDowell pose for this photo at Ft. Knox during the winter of 1940/41

Courtesy of George Smith Jr.

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