Co. B BTW 2a

Maneuvers at Ft. Knox


Sgt. Willard Jennings, (climbing on tank), Cpl. John Massimino (on left) and Pvt. Orrie Mulholland pose for a picture with their tank. 

Courtesy of Orrie Mulholland


From left: Pvt. Steve Gados, (on turret) Cpl. Bob Martin, Pvt. Orrie Mulholland, Sgt. Al. Edwards, Pvt. Clyde Ehrhardt

Courtesy of Orrie Mulholland


From Left:  Pvt. Norman Spencer, Cpl. Bob Martin and Pvt. James Williams during training at Ft. Knox in 1941.

Pvt. James Williams did not go to the Philippine Islands.

Courtesy of Orrie Mulholland


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