Co. B BTW 1


Fort Knox, Kentucky

1940  -  1941


Photo of the 33rd Tank Company Armory in Maywood, Illinois.

Courtesy Steve Gibson

Another photo of the Illinois National Guard Armory in Maywood.
Courtesy of George Smith

Left to Right: Henry L. Warner, commander Winfield Scott Post, V.F.W.; Capt. Theodore Wickord, commanding officer B Company; Philip Bechley, commander of Maywood Post, American Legion; pose for this picture at a dinner, in Maywood, for the members of the company before they left for Ft. Knox, Kentucky.

From the left: S/Sgt. Edward G. Winger and 1st. Lt. Donald Hanes pose for this photo in front of a truck carrying B Company's equipment to Ft. Knox.

S/Sgt. Edward G. Winger takes roll call of the members of B Company before they leave for Ft. Knox.

From the left: Capt. Ted Wickord shakes the hand of Major General Bruce Magruder the commanding general of the 1st Armor Division upon B Company's arrival at Ft. Knox, Kentucky.  The 192nd trained with the 1st Armor Division.

Photo of Company B, 192nd Tank Battalion taken at Ft. Knox, Kentucky in 1941.  This photo does not show every member of the company.

Seated L to R: 2nd Lt. Arthur V. Holland+, 2nd Lt. William H. Slicer, Capt. Donald M. Hanes+, 2nd Lt. Matthew S. MacDowell, 2nd Lt. Richard E. Danca

1st Row L to R: Cpl. Richard C. Armato, Sgt. Marion Lundy*, Sgt. Robert E. Bronge+, Cpl. Raymond P. Mason+, Sgt. Hugh Mackle*, Cpl. Lawrence J. Jordan,
Cpl. James Williams*, Sgt. Carl Threford*. Cpl. Walter F. Cigoi+, Sgt. Henry Crowe*, Sgt. Thomas S. Savage, Sgt. Robert E. Peterson, Sgt. Norman W. Goodman,
Sgt. Harold D. Lane, Sgt. Warren A. Hildebrandt+, Cpl. John P. Cahill, Sgt. Stanley Laskowski*, Sgt. Albert C. McArthur+, Sgt. Joseph Broadazewski*,
Sgt. George Smith*

2nd Row L to R: Pvt. Alexander Mueller+, Pvt, John M. Pimperal, Pvt. George Scruggs*, Pvt. Clifton Becker*, Pvt. Charles A. Peterson+, Pvt. Stanley Welling*,
Pvt. Kellie Hill*, T/4 Andrew Hepburn+, Pvt. Bernard McClindon*,  Pvt. Albert H. Cornils, Pvt. J. Robert Martin, Pvt. Kenneth A. Heinrich, Pvt. James A. Bird+,
Pvt. Erwin A. Glasenapp, Pvt, John L.  Massimino, Pvt. Joseph L. Wisnowski+, Pvt. Edward Depa, Pfc. James Bainbridge+, Pvt. Nicholas Fryziuk, Pvt. Daniel J. Boni+.

3rd Row L to R: Pvt. Sam Cervone*, Pvt. Martin Pedi*, Pvt. Ray Vandenbrouke, Pvt. Richard Graff+, Pvt. Harry Noworul, Pfc. Joseph Kwitkowski+,
Pvt. Herbert Kirchhoff, Cpl. Laprade Brown+ (
hidden by Andrew Hepburn.),  Pvt. James Griffin+, Pvt. Charles L. Corr+, Pvt. Michael Swartz+, Pvt. William J. Kerins,
Pfc. Frank A. Byars, Pfc. Steve Gados, Pvt. Hiram McCartney*, Pvt. Steve Kodaj, Pvt. Ralph Shaffer, Pvt. Clyde Ehrhardt+, Pvt. Arthur VanPelt+,
Pvt. John Strompolis, Pvt. Robert Parr, Pvt. Harry Rusch

4th Row L to R: Unknown, Pvt. Leonard Smith*, Pvt. Edward Plodzien, Pvt. Lawrence Sears, Pvt Lester Tenenberg, Pvt Louis Zelis, Pvt. Orrie Mulholland,
Pvt. Frank Goldstein, Pvt. Mike Wepsiec

* Did not go to the Philippines
+Killed in Action or Died as a POW
Illinois National Guardsmen assigned to HQ Company are not pictured.


   Larry Jordan stands with full backpack in front of other members of B Company, 192nd Tank Battalion on a full pack hike at Fort Knox, Kentucky during the winter of 1940.  From left to right in the picture: Fred Lovering, Joseph Kwiatkowski , Orrie Mulholland (directly above Jordan),  Zenon Bardowski (first to right), James Williams, Carl Maggio (third on right), unknown (partially hidden), John Massimino (far right).  

Of the men in this picture, only Pvt. James Williams did not go to the Philippine Islands.

Courtesy Orrie Mulholland


Company B on full a back pack hike at Fort Knox, Kentucky during the winter of 1940.

Courtesy Orrie Mulholland


Pvt. Daniel Boni and his cousin, Sgt. Robert Bronge, take the time to pose for a picture during training at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  

Both men died while POWs of the Japanese.

Courtesy of Larry Boni


Sgt. Ralph Ellis a motorcycle messenger with HQ Company at Ft. Knox.
Ralph Ellis died as a POW.

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