Co. B ATW 8


LD Marrs poses for this picture in 1946.

Courtesy of Larry Marrs


LD Marrs and his father, William.

Courtesy of Larry Marrs


LD Marrs and Willa Rae Ware after the war.   The two would later marry.  She was a member of the Women's Army Corp. (WAC) and outranked LD when this photo was taken.

Courtesy of Larry Marrs


Staff Sergeant Larry Jordan, on right, gets off plane at Oahu, Hawaii, after being liberated from Nagoya #3-B in Japan.  Jordan was flown home to testify, before Congress, about Herbert Hans Haupt, a German saboteur who had stolen his identity during the war.  Haupt had gone to high school with Jordan in Chicago.
The other man in the photo is Sgt. Sidney D. Schwartz.

Staff Sergeant Larry Jordan phones his mother in Chicago from Hawaii.

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