Co. B ATW 6

In 1999, the memorials to the members of B Company, 192nd were moved and rededicated at a central location in Maywood Park.

Courtesy of Maywood Bataan Day Organization


The M3A3 Stuart tank and the plaque with the names of Illinois members of B Company, 192nd Tank Battalion who died in World War II .  The M3A3 was a later version of the M-3 Stuart tank that the 192nd had in the Philippine Islands.  Many of the problems the 192nd dealt with in the Philippines had been corrected.

Courtesy of the Maywood Bataan Day Organization


This memorial plaque originally appeared in front of the memorial to the 192nd Tank Battalion at the original site of the memorial in Maywood Veterans Park at Fifth Avenue and Oak Street.  In 1999, it was moved to the new memorial at Veterans Memorial Park.  Five of the names listed on the plaque were non-National Guard members of the battalion.

Courtesy of Jim Bashleben


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