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     The years following the war were spent putting the pieces of shattered lives back together for the survivors and families of the 192nd.  These years were filled with reunions, Bataan Day Parades, and for some, even a return trip to the land where they were once held captive; The Philippines. Whenever possible, these pictures include names and descriptions of each person and the event that is taking place.  The identities of some people in the pictures have been forgotten over time by the  owners.  If you have any information on the pictures that you see, please e-mail our site at:

John Cahill shows Japanese coins to Mrs. T. Harry Ryan during his recuperation at Vaughan Veterans Hospital in Hines, Illinois.  Cahill's two brothers, Jim and Joseph, both died during World War II.

A reunion of survivors from the 192nd. This photo was taken at a reception for President Garcia of the Phillipiine Islands in Chicago. At this reception the men were personally greeted by Mayor Richard J. Daley.
Clockwise from the lower right:  Norm Goodman, Emmett Gibson, Bill Hauser, Bill Kerins, George Dravo, Nick Fryziuk,    Bob Peterson, Herb KirchhoffJim BashlebenLew Brittan

Courtesy of Julie Brittan

George Dravo's return home after the war.

Courtesy of the Dravo Family

Lester Tenney and Lew Brittan in a Chicago nightclub after the war.

Courtesy of Julie Brittan

A gathering of friends immediately after the war.  Fourth from the left is Lester Tenney and seventh from the right is Lew Brittan.  At this time, the other members of B Company have not been identified.

Courtesy of Julie Brittan

General Johnathan Wainwright (center) shakes hands with 1st Lt. Ben Morin, B Company, 192nd Tank Battalion, at Hines Hospital in Hines, Illinois.  Morin's tank platoon fought the first tank battle, involving American tanks in WWII, at Lingayen Gulf, Philippine Islands, on December 22, 1941.
The soldier sitting on the left, in the photo is Sgt. Gerald J. Lundquist, HQ Company, 194th Tank Battalion.  The soldier to the right and behind Morin is Sgt. Bill Kerins, also of B Company, 192nd Tank Battalion.

Brigadier General James R. N. Weaver salutes the members of B Company, 192nd Tank Battalion, as they march in the Bataan Day Parade in September 1946.  This was the first parade in which the members of B Company participated.

The Gold Star mothers, of B Company, stand in front of the grandstand at Bataan Day on September 8, 1946.  On the stand, from the center left are: Louis Nelson, Illinois Gov. Dwight H. Green, Brig. Gen. George May, Brig. Gen, James R. N. Weaver, and Rev. Martin Musik.

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