Co. A BTW 5


Sgt. Harvey Riedeman posed for a picture in front of the barracks of A Company.

Courtesy of Owen Sandmire©

Pvt. Robert Harrie posed for this photo with three of A Company's tanks and a truck.

Courtesy of Jon Harrie

Sgt. Harvey Riedeman, Sgt. Owen Sandmire and Pvt. Ed DeGroot posing for a picture in front of their barracks.

Courtesy of Owen Sandmire©

Sgt. Archie Barriage posed for this photo at Ft. Knox.  When the 192nd was designated for overseas duty, Barriage was sent to Officer Candidate School.  He was later commissioned a Second Lieutenant.

Courtesy of John Harrie


Tec. 5 Claude Moreland and Sgt. Owen Sandmire on maneuvers during training at Ft. Knox.

Tec. 5 Claude Moreland died while a Japanese POW.

Courtesy of Owen Sandmire ©


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