Co. A BTW 3


Sgt. Owen Sandmire poses for this picture in front of one of two barracks assigned to A Company.

Courtesy of Owen Sandmire ©


Pvt. Donald Berger poses for this photo next to the car of M/Sgt. Robert Havens.
Pvt. Donald Berger died as a Japanese POW.

Courtesy of Jon Harrie

Sgt. Owen Sandmire stands next to his tank during training at Ft. Knox, Kentucky during early 1941.

Courtesy of Owen Sandmire©


S/Sgt. William McAuliffe poses for this photo.

Courtesy of Jon Harrie

From left; Pvt. Carl Nickols, Sgt. Owen Sandmire and Cpl. Bob Stewart with the A Company flag on the porch of one of the company's barracks.

Courtesy of Owen Sandmire©


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