Co. A BTW 10


From left to right in this faded photo are:

Bottom:  Lewis Wallisch, Owen Sandmire, Ralph Madison, Ken Squire and Robert Neeson

Top: Donald Semrow, John Burke, Tom Samek, Bob Boehm and Delmon Bushaw


Of the men in the picture, only one, Robert Neeson, did not go to the Philippines.  Five men would die as Japanese POWs.

Courtesy of Owen Sandmire


Henry and John Luther pose for this picture in their swimsuits by A Company trucks.

Both brothers died in the sinking of the Arisan Maru.

Courtesy of Owen Sandmire


Sgt. Robert Bartz sits at a table in the A Company mess hall.

Courtesy of Owen Sandmire

Sgt. John Luther at the Fort Knox firing range.

Courtesy Jon Harrie

Pvt. Robert Harrie

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