Co. A ATW 1


A picture from 1940 of the 32nd Tank Company Armory in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Courtesy of Dennis Schoberle


The 32nd Tank Company of the Wisconsin National Guard as it prepared to leave for Ft. Knox in November of 1940.

Courtesy of Dennis Schoberle


Donald Semrow, Ralph Madison and an unknown member of A Company at attention in front of their tank as Ft. Knox in late 1940 or early 1941.

Donald Semrow and Ralph Madison died while Japanese POWs.

Courtesy of Owen SandmireŠ


These trucks were assigned to the 192nd and used to keep the tanks supplied with gasoline and other essential supplies.

Courtesy of Owen SandmireŠ


In a letter home, Lewis Wallisch drew a map of the barracks, mess halls, and tank park that were used by the 192nd Tank Battalion at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Courtesy of the Wallisch FamilyŠ



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