Bataan Books


Books on Bataan & POW 



*Books written by or about a member of the 192nd Tank Battalion

** Book contains interviews with or stories about members of the 192nd

*** Books written by or about a member of the 194th Tank Battalion


Adapt or Die
    Merritt, J. D.
       (Worked on Port Area Detail with Bill Hauser, 192nd Tank Battalion)

Baby of Bataan

    Johnson, Joseph Quitman 

        (Youngest American military POW taken on Bataan.)

Bataan Death March: A Survivor's Account

    Dyess, William E.

Bataan Diary

    Ashton, Paul 

        (Ashton was Jim Griffin's, 192nd Tank Battalion, cellmate at Bilibid Prison.)


Bataan Uncensored***

    Miller, Ernest 

        (Commanding Officer 194th Tank Battalion.  Book is out of print, but it can be found at public libraries or

          purchased online.)

Belly of the Beast

    Pearson, Judith (Book describes Oryoku Maru experience.)

Brothers from Bataan: POWs, 1942 - 1945**

    Martin, Adrian R.

Courage on Bataan and Beyond*

    Ortega Jr.  Abel

        (Abel Ortega Sr. was a member of A Company, 192nd Tank Battalion)


Death March: The Survivors of Bataan**

    Knox Donald


Death on the Hellships

    Michno, Gregory F.
    (Forest Knox , A Company, quoted in book.)


First into Nagasaki* - December 2006

    Weller, George & Anthony

    (Book has quotes by members of the 192nd after they were liberated.)


Footprints in Courage: A Bataan Death March Survivor's Story

    Gilpatrick, Kristin 


Ghosts Soldiers

    Sides, Hampton


Girocho: A GI's Story of Bataan and Beyond

    John Henry Poncio &  Marlin Young

(Book is about Hirohata POW Camp.  Camp was also known as Osaka 12-B,)


Guest of the Emperor

    Emerson, K. C. 

        (Book can be read online.)


The Hike into the Sun: Memoir of an American Soldier Captured on Bataan in 1942 and Imprisoned by the Japanese until 1945***

    Fitzpatrick, Bernard T. 

        ( Member of the 194th Tank Battalion.  Book reissued in paperback on September 21, 2011)


Janesville Tankers on Bataan**

   Schutt, Donald A.

        ( Masters thesis - University of Wisconsin  - 1967 )


Kentucky's Fighting 192nd GHQ Light Tank Battalion*

   Powleit, Alvin 

        (Book is out of print but is available at libraries.)


Lapham's Raiders: Guerrillas in the Philippines 1942 - 1945

    Robert Lapham & Bernard Norling,  

        ( Rudolph Bolstad, A Company, 194th Tank Battalion fought with this unit.) 


Lest We Forget: The Railway of Death

    Seiker, Fred (British POW)


My Hitch in Hell*

    Tenney, Lester

        (Member of B Company, 192nd Tank Battalion)


3.6 Years in Hell in Japanese Prisoner of War Camps, 1942 - 1945*

    Lajzer, Joseph D.

        (Member of B Company, 192nd Tank Battalion)


Oh God Where are You?

   Abraham, Abie


One Thirteenth Millionth*

   Parish, Phil 

        (Member of A Company.  The Rock County Historical Society will make a photocopy for fee.)


Our Paradise: A GI's War Dairy

   Norquist, Ernest 

        (A copy of the book is available at Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs)

POW: Tears that Never Dry

    Czerwien, Anthony 

Prisoners of the Japanese

    Daws, Gavin

Soldier of Bataan

    Brain, Philip S.

      (Member of A Company, 194th Tank Battalion - Rotarian published book)

Some Survived: An Eyewitness Account of the Bataan Death March and the Men Who Lived Through It

Lawton, Manny

Undaunted Valor

    Zimbler, Sheldon 

     (Story of Manchurian POWs.)



Ghosts of Bataan - Winnercomm Inc. - 2005 -  (Many of the POW photos in this documentary are of members of the 192nd Tank Battalion.)

In the Hands of the Enemy - (A Company, 192nd Tank Battalion) - Exploration

The Great Raid - 2005 - Miramax Films 

The Harrodsburg Tankers: A Time for Courage .... A Time for Heroes

 - Kentucky National Guard - 2008 

The Tragedy of Bataan - 2011 - PBS Home Video



World War II in the South Pacific

The Ghost Mountain Boys - 2 October 2007

    Campbell, James

        (The experience of the 32nd Division which was made up of National Guardsmen from

           Michigan and Wisconsin)

Rolling Thunder Against the Rising Sun - 2008

    Salecker, Gene Eric - 2008  (Bataan Commemorative Research Project listed in bibliography)


World War II  

The Infantry's Armor: The U.S. Army's Separate Tank Battalions in World War II

   Yeide, Harry  - 2010  (Bataan Commemorative Research Project listed in bibliography)

When Our Mothers Went to War - September 2008

    Regis, Margaret


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