Pvt. Robert V. Parr and Company B mascot "P 40" somewhere on the Island of Luzon.  

Courtesy of William Hauser Family



In this picture taken on Bataan, members of the 192nd Tank Battalion take a break on their halftrack.  From the left, the five men who are clearly visible are Cpl. Albert DeCurtins, Pvt. Clement "Joe" Martini, Sgt. Howard Hasselkus S/Sgt. Walter Mahr, Unknown, and Pvt. George Hardtke.  

All the men identified died while Japanese POWs.

         Courtesy Julie Brittain and Ray Peterson


26th U. S. Cavalry of Filipino Scouts withdrawing past tanks of B or C Company, 192nd Tank Battalion on Luzon. 

Courtesy Ray Peterson

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