Roster: April 19, 2019

192nd - HQ Co.

Thorman, Capt. Russell C.

Capt. Russell C. Thorman was born on October 21, 1903, and was one of five sons of William F. Thorman & Minnie Drafahl-Thorman. Russell worked as a salesman for a lumberyard, married Thelka, and was the father of a daughter.

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194th - C Co.

Thorp, Pvt. J. Marshal

Pvt. Joseph Marshal Thorp 
Born: 28 March 1914 – Hollister, California 
Parents: Richard & May Thorp 
Siblings: 1 sister 
Nickname: Marshal 
– used middle name and first initial 
Hometown: Box 62 – Gonzales, California 
Education: two years – high school 

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192nd - HQ Co.

Trebs, Sgt. Edward H.

Sgt. Edward Henry Trebs was born January 8, 1913, in Wisconsin, to Hugo Trebs & Florence Duell-Trebs. He had two sisters and two brothers. Sometime during the 1920s, his father died. Edward completed the eighth grade and went to work

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