Danny Nugent, Prisoner of War

NOTE: Written as a tribute to Sergeant Danny Nugent, orderly to my old friend and room-mate, Brig, General J. R. N Weaver. Sergeant Nugent displayed unusual energy, initiative,  and loyalty in the performance of his duties under the distressing conditions of our captivity.

"OHIO" means good morning" to a belchin Nippon buck,
To me it means a Northern state that borders on Kentuck;
To me it means a river where the river steamers run,
Where I was pilot of the bridge and had my job and fun;
To me it means a ferry boat that shuttled night and day,
From Hawesville on Kentucky side to Cannelton Ďcross the way;
To me it means the faces of my friends on deck below,
Whoíd smile and wave at and shout: "Hi Danny Boy, Lets go!í
To me it mean the memory of happy days and scenes
Before I was a soldier in far off Philippines.
My name is Danny Nugent, Iím a tanker from Bataan,
Now doing time in prison camp in bondage to Japan
Itís "Sergeant Nugent", if you please, a fact that should be noted,
Perhaps the only prisíner o war that got himself promoted;
I hope the folks will not forget, but sometimes think of me,
And miss me at the pilots wheel and wonder where I be.
In old days on the river, in times of gale and flood,
I held the steamer to her course thru boiling drift and mud;
So with my tank in jungle fights, I had a job to do
I aimed her nose at sudden death and gunned her motor thru.
Iíve always been a luck guy, I guess Iím plenty tough,
The fact that Iím alive today is surely proof enough
I havenít been to school so much, donít ask the reason why,
But willing hands and cheerful smile have always got me by.
My baseball brain is not so good since three years on this hitch,
But one thing I wonít soon forget is; "Stay in there and pitch!"
Iíve heard it said and some believe, that life is what we make it,
But true or not whatever comes, I know that I can take it.
Iím ordíly for my Geníral, I got to see him thru,
It keeps a fellow steppiní some to work and think for two.
This prison deal is rugged stuff, it sure will get you down.
You got to use your eyes and nose to find your way around.
There are some ways to beat this game, I wonít say how itís done,
But Uncle Sam and I will fight until this war is won.
"The nips can live on half we eat," you hear the wise ones say,
But I have learned to make a feast on what they throw away.
So tell the folks Iím comminí back, and nevermore will roam,
From Ham and eggs in Godís own landó"MY OLD KENTUCKY HOME!"

Brigadier General William E Brougher


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