194th Tank Battalion 

Headquarters Company

  Out of respect for the members of the 194th Tank Battalion, we have included this roster of men who served in Headquarters Company, 194th Tank Battalion. The names listed here are those men who joined the 194th after it was formed at Fort Lewis, Washington, in February 1941. National Guardsmen who were reassigned to Headquarters Company from the letter companies of the battalion are listed with their original companies.  It is known that National Guardsmen from Missouri, listed below, were assigned to HQ Company.

These Members of HQ Company are Buried at the American Military Cemetery at Manila as Unknowns

Provisional Tank Group

Lt. Col. Thaddeus E. Smyth+


Headquarters Company Officers

Maj. Charles S. Canby*+

1st Lt. Charles A. Fleming *+

  2nd Lt. Ralph E. Crandall*+

Capt. John C. Riley Jr.*

1st. Lt. John T. Furby+

2nd Lt. Edwin C. Miller+

Capt. Ferris G. Spoor*

  2nd Lt. Lawrence S. Schoeneck*+



Assigned to D Company

192nd Tank Battalion

D Company was attached to the 194th Tank Battalion.  None of these officers were officially transferred to the 192nd Tank Battalion.


Capt. Jack C. Altman+

  2nd Lt. Alfred J. Herbold*+

1st Lt. Harvey F. Rice+

2nd Lt. John J. Hummel

Assigned to
Provisional Tank Group
Pvt. George L. Abapo Pvt. Luther D. Hall* Pfc. Willard E. Hall*


Enlisted Men

Assigned to D Company

192nd Tank Battalion

D Company was attached to the 194th Tank Battalion but

never transferred to the battalion

T/5 Burl L. Harris+


HQ Company, 194th Tank Battalion


Pfc. Robert J. Albert Cpl. James D. Fox+ Sgt. Ralph L. Parker*
  Cpl. William S. Allen* Pvt. Carl H. Franklin+ Pvt. William A. Peart Jr.+
Cpl. John R. Atwell Pvt. Wayne S. George Jr* Pvt. Claire A. Pickel Jr*+
Cpl. Milton Baker   Pfc. Harry D. Heikkila+ Cpl. Noel M. Ravneberg
T/5 Harry F. Barker+ Pfc. Eugene T. Hoglund Pvt. Joseph W. Ripley+

Sgt . Howard C. Barry+

Pvt. Raymond E. Hopkins*+ T/5 James H. Robertson+
T/5 Ingwell V. Bartleson+ T/5 Eldon L. Ingebretson+ Pvt. Thomas J. Roche*
Pvt. Joe D. Blair Pvt. Edward A. James Jr.+ 1st Sgt. Charles W. Rockwell*+
Pfc. John H. Blomquist+ Cpl. Arnold S. Johnson Pfc. Clarence E. Roedell*+
Pvt. Kenneth Booher Pvt. Lawrence D. Kachmarek T/5 John A. Rohmer*+
Pvt. Henry D. Bordner+ Pfc. Otto R. Kafer Pvt. Saul Rubenstein
Pvt. Adam T. Boysen+ Cpl. Edward M. King*+ Pfc. James A. Sapp *+
Cpl. Philip S. Brain Jr . Pvt. Robert W. King*+ Sgt. Harold E. Schenk*+
Cpl. Hugh E. Branch   Sgt. Walter C. King*   Pfc. Michael W. Schiltz*
T/5 Alvin C. Brod+ Sgt. Hugh P. Kissinger+ Pvt. Gerald P. Shapley*+
T/5 Robert A. Brown+ Pvt. Clayton C. Klein* Pvt. Robert I. Shultz*
  Pvt. Ralph H. Buchanan Cpl. Frank G. Knapp* Sgt. George F. Simmons
T/5 Corbin N. Buell*+ Pfc. Delbert J. Kohler+ Pvt. Zoeth P. Skinner*
Cpl. Ethan H. Campbell* Pvt. Alexander R. Kopek+ Pvt. Charles R. Smith Jr.*+
Sgt. Charles C. Chop   T/Sgt. Augusta R. Krause Jr.*+ Pfc. Joseph L. Smith+
Pvt. George A. Christy*+ T/5 John P. Lawson+   Pfc. John D. Stehwien Jr.
Pvt. Anton E. Cichy   Pvt. Brenton D. LeBlanc

Pfc . John L. Striplin*+

Pvt. Frank H. Condon+ Sgt. Hubert H. Long*+   Pfc. John W. Thompson*
Pvt. Earl T. Covyeow Sgt. Gerald J. Lundquist Sgt. Winfield J. Thompson
T/4 Robert I. Cox*+ Sgt. Marvin J. Lyon* Pfc. Philip B. Tripp
Sgt. Walter L. Daffron Jr.* Pvt. Robert MacDonald+ Pvt. Jack W. Tucker*+
Pvt. Claude C. Danforth+ Sgt. John D. Marshall*+ Pvt. Willis C. Vincent
Pvt. Eugene L. Davidson

Pvt. Clayton M. Miller+

Pvt. Ira Warren+
Cpl. Clelan A. Dewey* Pvt. Guy O. Miller+ Pfc. Roy V. Wehrkamp
T/5 Kenneth W. Eighme+ Pfc. Albin M. Milsten+   T/5 Glenn L. White+
Pvt. Dan D. Emery* T/5 Mario Mirko+ Pvt. Ralph C. Williford*+
Sgt. Howell A. Emley+ Pfc. Emery O. Monroe*+   Pvt. Harry G. Wortman+
Pvt. Marvin N. Everts*+ Pfc. Manuel F. Ortez*+

Pfc. Louis J. W. Yager * +

Pvt. Gerald D. Foley Cpl. Harlin Owens* Pfc. Roland G. Zweber

Pfc. Paul A. Paden*+

* National Guardsmen

The above roster is based on U. S. Army Reports, newspaper articles, and the personal testimonies of the surviving members of HQ Company.  If a member of HQ Company, who served in the Philippine Islands,  was inadvertently omitted from this roster, please let us know so that the omission can be corrected.  If you have information on a  member of HQ Company, a photograph of a member of HQ Company, or  would like to correct inaccurate information on a member of HQ Company, please contact us at:  



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