194th Tank Battalion Members who Died at
Camp O'Donnell

Bernard Jr., Manuel J., S/Sgt.* - C Company
Brown, Robert A., T/5 - HQ Company
Brusseau, Ernest E., T/5* - A Company
Clevenger, James R., T/4* - A Company
Cox, Robert I., T/4* - HQ Company
Cunningham, Russell E., Sgt.* - C Company
Eaton, Orrin H., Cpl.* - C Company
Eighme, Kenneth W., T/5 - HQ Company
Emlay, Robert E., T/4* - HQ Company
Fleener, James H., Pfc.* - C Company
Fox, James D., Cpl. - HQ Company
Franck, Wilmer H., T/5 - A Company
Haroldson, Kenneth A., Pvt. - A Company
Harris, Burl L., Cpl. - HQ Company
Heikkla, Harry D., Pfc. - HQ Company
Hoglund, Raymond E., Pfc. - HQ Company
Jaramillo, David R., Pvt.* - C Company
King, Robert W., Pvt.* - HQ Company
Kohler, Delbert J., Pfc. - HQ Company
Latagne, John C., Pvt. - HQ Company
Lewis, Keith D., Pfc.* - C Company
Marshall, John D., Sgt. - HQ Company
Rohmer, John A., T/5 - HQ Company
Smith Jr., Charles R. Pvt.* - HQ Company
Smith, Ralph L., Pvt.* - C Company
Snell, Harold A., Pvt.* - A Company
Yager, Louis J., Pfc.* - HQ Company

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