Members of the 194th Tank Battalion who Died at

Ansom, William F., Sgt.* - C Company
Aram, Francis E., Sgt. * - HQ Company
Barretto, Francis F., Pfc.* - C Company
Barry, Howard C., Sgt. - HQ Company
Bartik, Frederick P., Pvt. - Medical Detachment
Bernardo, Joseph J., Pvt. - A C Company
Bickmore, Floyd W., S/Sgt. - HQ Company
Bordner, Henry D., Pvt. - HQ Company
Brod, Alvin C. Pfc. - HQ Company
Brown, Billie E., Pfc.* - A Company
Buell, Corbin N., T/5* - HQ Company
Carter Jr., Martin H., Pfc.* - A Company
Casperson, Worley L., Pvt.* - C Company
Cederblom, Dean E., Pfc.* - C Company
Christy, George A., Pvt.* - HQ Company
Clevenger, Pearlie L., S/Sgt.* - A Company
Cole, Lloyd O., T/4* - HQ Company
Condon, Frank H., Pvt. - HQ Company
Coulter, Adrian J., T/4 - A Company
Cray Jr., Daniel F., Pfc.* - C Company
DeCloss, Raymond N., Cpl. - Medical Detachment
Eckert, Allen W., T/4* - C Company
Everts, Marvin N., Pvt.* - HQ Company
Finch, Harvey L., Pfc.* - A Company
Foshee, Dorsey W., Pvt.* - C Company
Furby, John T., 1st Lt. - D Company**
Garrison, Russell S., Pvt. - A Company
Gillis, Joseph Cpl.* - C Company
Gilmer, Claude Cpl.* - A Company
Goodrich, Wallace F., Pvt.* - A Company
Gorden, Ernest M., Pvt.* - A Company
Gosney, Victor L., Sgt.* - C Company
Grayson, Clyde M., Pfc.* - C Company
Greene Jr., William J., T/5* - C Company
Grui, George M., Cpl. - A Company
Hendon, Theodore W., Pvt.* - A Company
Herron, Claude W., Pvt.* - A Company
Hirst, Robert W., Pfc. - Medical Detachment
Hjulstad, Alvin P., T/5 - A Company
Ingebretson, Eldon L., T/5 - HQ Company
Kelly, Andrew J., Pvt. - A Company
King, Edward M., Pvt.* - HQ Company
Jesser, Robert E., Pvt.* - A Company
Karrer, Roy N., Pvt.* - C Company
Larson, Howard J., Sgt.* - A Company
Lawson, John P., T/5 - HQ Company
Lee, Wallace  C., T/4* - A Company
Maranda, Lawrence E., Pvt. - Medical Detachment
Marback Jr., Fred F., Pfc.* - C Company
Maxson Jr., Dwight E., Pfc.* - A Company
McDonald, Harold D., Cpl.* - C Company
Miller, Clayton M., Pvt. - HQ Company
Miller, Edwin C., 2nd Lt. - D Company**
Miller, Guy O., Pvt. - HQ Company
Miller, Robert L., Pvt.* - HQ Company
Mitchell, Robert H., Sgt.* - C Company
Monroe, Emery O., Pfc.* - HQ Company
Noska, Henry P., T/5 - A Company
O'Conner, Eugene M., Pvt. - A Company
Overstreet, Robert E., T/5* - HQ Company
Paine, Donald H., Sgt.* - A Company
Peart Jr., William A., Pvt. - HQ Company
Pickel Jr., Claire A., Pvt.* HQ Company
Rawson, Eugene E., Pfc.* - C Company
Reilly, Donald J., T/5* - HQ Company
Rice, Harvey F., 1st Lt. - D Company**
Rockwell Jr., Charles W., 1st Sgt.* - HQ Company
Sapp, James A., Pfc.* - HQ Company
Saarinen, Paul A., Sgt. - A Company
Schlosser, Gerald W., Sgt.*- HQ Company
Solsbee, Wince I., T/4* - A Company
Stevens Jr., Clifford G., Pvt.* - C Company
Striplin, John L., Pfc.* - HQ Company
Talbott, Delbert Pvt. - A Company
Tapaszi, John B., Pfc. - A Company
Thomas, Kenneth G., Cpl. - A Company
Thorp, Joseph M., Pvt.* - C Company
Tucker, Jack W., Pvt.* - HQ Company
Veillette, Byron L., S/Sgt.* - A Company
Warren, Ira Pvt. - HQ Company
Wendroff, Robert D., Pfc. - Medical Detachment
White, Glenn L., T/5 - HQ Company
White, John H., Pvt.* - C Company
White, Kenneth A., T/5* - C Company
Williford, Ralph C., Pvt.* - HQ Company
Willrodt, Joseph E., Pvt.* - C Company
Wood, Allen W., Pfc. - A Company
Woodson, LaMar A., Pfc. - C Company
Wortman, Harry G., Pvt. - HQ Company
Yacob, George Pfc. - A Company
Yeager Jr., Fred R., Pfc.* - C Company
Zinani Jr., Joseph P., Cpl.* - C Company

Members of the 194th Tank Battalion
 Who were Liberated at

Video of Rangers and Rescued POWs

Branch, Hugh E., Cpl. - HQ Company
Gatewood, Roy A., S/Sgt. - Medical Detachment
Moffit, Fred C., Capt.* - C Company
Vincent, Willis C., Pvt. - HQ Company

**D Company, 192nd Tank Battalion, was attached to the 194th Tank Battalion, but the company was never officially transferred to the 194th, and none of the 194th officers were officially transferred to the 192nd.
* National Guardsman

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