194th_C Co_ATW


The following photos are the copyrighted property of the Salinas County Historical Society

Surviving members of C Company pose for this photo in April 1946.  From the left front: Cpl. James Spreckens, Sgt. Warren Smith, Sgt William Glenn, Jr., S/Sgt. Edward DeGottardi, Cpl. John Alves, Jr., Sgt. Melvin Madero, S/Sgt. Eugene Barnes, Sgt. Harold Vick, Sgt. Handren Fitzgibbons.  Back Row from left: Sgt. John Anderson, T/Sgt. Emil Morello, Sgt. Frank Wilson, Sgt. Raymond Peoples, Jr., Sgt. Glen Brokaw, T/Sgt. Sidney Lang, S/Sgt. Joe Errington, S/Sgt. Charles Walker, Unknown  non-194th, S/Sgt. Ted Paras, S/Sgt. William Braye, S/Sgt. Frank Cabral, Jr., S/Sgt. William Garrison, S/Sgt. Roy Diaz, S/Sgt. Joe McKusick, Sgt. Norman Rose, S/Sgt. James Frost, Sgt. Frank Muther, Sgt. William Hall, Sgt. Thomas Hicks, Cpl. Manuel Nevarez, 1st Sgt. Ero Saccone, Maj. Fred Moffit.

Courtesy of Thomas Lang


Memorial to C Company, 194th Tank Battalion in Salinas, California at the Boronda History Center.  This the newest of the three memorials to C Company.

Courtesy of the Salinas County Historical SocietyŠ



Front view of the restored halftrack at the C Company Memorial in Salinas

Courtesy of the Salinas County Historical SocietyŠ


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