Funeral of Brigadier General Ernest B. Miller
February 24, 1959

Pallbearers carry the casket of Gen. Ernest B. Miller from St. Mary of the Lake Catholic Church in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.  From front left: Edward L. Burke, James McComas, James Johnson.  Pallbearers on the right: Walter Straka, Lee McDonald, and Kenneth Porwoll.
All the pallbearers, with the exception of James Johnson, were former members of A Company.

Minnesota National Guardsmen lead the funeral procession of
 Gen. Ernest B. Miller at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.

The final salute to General Ernest B. Miller.

Dedication of Bataan Death March sign, in 1971, outside the old Brainerd armory.

From the left, next to the National Guard color guard are: Donald Norris; Willmar, Minnesota, survivor, 192nd Tank Battalion; Mayor George Bedard, the featured speaker; Jim McComas, Brainerd, survivor; The Rev. Dennis McEnery, who opened the program with a prayer; Walter Straka, Brainerd, survivor; Chet Snyder, representative of the Brainerd Centennial committee; and Ralph Hollingsworth, Brainerd.  McComas, Straka, and Hollingsworth were all members of the 194th Tank Battalion.

At a 1971 reunion of the members of the 194th Tank Battalion, former members of A Company pose for this picture.
Front roll from the left: Bill Mattson, Ken Porwoll, John Jooston, Ralph Hollingsworth, Boyce Hyatt, Second Row from the left: Ed Wright, Harold Costigan, Bob Wyegand, Walt Straka,  Jim McComas, Al Brown, Henry Peck, John Falconer,

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