Sgt. Kenneth Porwoll, Sgt. Ray Fox, and Gene Wright (who went to high school with Ken) on the U.S.S. Dykman returning to the United States after the war.

Courtesy of the Powell Family

S/Sgt. Kenneth Porwoll posed for this photo after returning home.

Courtesy of the Porwoll Family

From left to right, in this photo taken in Brained in November 1945 are: Cliff Rardin.
Jim Kerrigan, Ken Porwoll, Ed Burke, Hortese McKay*, Ernest Miller, Russell Swearingen,
Lee MacDonald, Jim McComas, Mel Ahlgrim, Kenneth Gorden.

* Hortese McKay was a nurse on Bataan who was evacuated from Corregidor by submarine.

Courtesy of the Porwoll family

Memorial in Brainerd, Minnesota, in front of the courthouse, dedicated to its sons who fought in the nation's wars.

Courtesy of Jeff Sauer


Bernard Fitzpatrick, formally of A Company, with letters in hand, sits inside his new car in late 1946.  According to the story, Fitzpatrick, an insurance salesman, needed the car for work.  He could not get a car no matter how many times he went to dealers.  He finally contacted the head of General Motors, C.E. Wilson, by writing to him, and told him his problem.  He got his new car.

S/Sgt. Lee MacDonald at home in Brainerd

Courtesy of the Minnesota Military Museum


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