194th Tank Battalion Members Who Sailed on the
Tottori Maru

HQ Company
Sgt. Charles C. Chop
Pvt. Lawrence D. Kachmarek
Pvt. Clayton C. Klein*
Sgt. Marvin J. Lyon*
Pvt. Joseph W. Ripley

A Company
Sgt. Milan E. Anderson*
Pvt. James H. Bogart*
Pfc. Fred J. Leininger Jr.
1st Sgt. Walter H. Samuelson*

C Company
Cpl. John F. Alves Jr.*
Cpl. John N. Anderson*
Sgt. Joseph E. Aram*
Pvt. Leon A. Elliott*
Sgt. Jacob S. Gamboa*
Sgt. Harold E. Lee
Pfc. Keith D. Lewis*
S/Sgt. James H. Smith*
Pvt. Charles W. Wilson

Medical Detachment
Cpl. Floyd T. Allen

* National Guardsman

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