Lt. Edwin C. Miller and his wife show off their baby daughter.

Courtesy of  Sandy Seidenstricker


From the left: Unknown Standing, Cpl. Ethan Campbell, Sgt. Floyd Bickmore,* and Capt. Charles Canby* at HQ Company's headquarters.

Sgt. Floyd Bickmore and Capt. Charles Canby died while Japanese POWs.

Courtesy of Bruce LeBlanc

Officers of the 194th Tank Battalion at Fort Lewis, Washington.  From the left: Major Ernest Miller, Capt. Clinton Quinlen+, Captain Charles Canby+, Capt. Fred Moffitt, Capt. Bowen*, Capt. Turner*, Capt. John Muir, Lt. Edward Burke, Capt. Hathaway, Lt. Frank Riley, Capt. Ferris Spoor, Lt. Ray Bradford+, Capt. Lymon Johnson, Lt. Arthur Root+, and Lt. Peterson*.

* Did not go to the Philippine Islands
+  Died while a POW

194th Reconnaissance Squadron at Ft. Lewis, Washington.  The two identified soldiers in the photo are, second from left, 2nd Lt. Ted Spaulding, and fifth, from the right side of the photo, Pvt. Brenton LeBlance.

Courtesy of Bruce LeBlanc