The following photos were taken by members of A Company, 194th Tank Battalion, at Fort Stotsenburg and Clark Field in November, 1941

Photos of Clark Airfield in 1941 taken by a member of A Company, 194th Tank Battalion.

Courtesy of the Minnesota Military Museum

Sgt. Byron Veillette and Sgt. Glen Nelson at Clark Field in November, 1941. 
Sgt. Glen Nelson returned to the United States before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  Sgt. Byron Veillette died while a Japanese Prisoner of War.

Courtesy of Minnesota Military Museum

This photo was taken at Clark Field.  Some of the half-tracks, in the Philippines, had .75 milometer guns and known as Self Propelled Mounts, while others had .30 or .50 milometer machine guns.  Those half-tracks with .75 milometer guns were assigned to the Philippine Army with American drivers from the 200th Coast Artillery.  The sergeants, who were in command of the half-tracks, were from the Philippine Scouts.

Courtesy of the Porwoll Family

Sgt. Milan Anderson walks pass a Napa Hut located near Clark Field.

Courtesy of Porwoll Family

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