2nd Lt. Ralph Duby with two Filipino children on the way to Bontac, Philippine Islands.  Bontac was the home to the headhunting Igorot people. 

Courtesy of the Porwoll Family

2nd Lt. Ralph Duby sits in his jeep at a gatehouse on the road to Bontac.  Since the road was only one lane wide and ran along the side of a mountain, the guards called the next gatehouse to see if it was clear.  This was done at several points along the road.

Courtesy of the Powoll Family

The road to Bontac can be seen as the small white line along the side of the cliff.

Courtesy of the Powoll Family

These photos were taken by Sgt Ken Powoll while he and 2nd Lt. Ralph Kuby were visiting Bontac.

Capt. Harry "Doc" Hickman holds a python that was killed at Clark Field.
Capt. Harry Hickman died while a POW.
Courtesy of the Porwoll Family

Tanks and half tracks of the 194th Tank Battalion in Manila, late 1941, while on one the battalion's  maneuvers at intercepting an enemy force.

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