The Old Armory in Brainerd, Minnesota

Courtesy of John Erickson

Interior of main drill court at the Old Armory in Brainerd.

Courtesy of John Erickson

Members of A Company perform KP at the Brainerd Armory
From left to right:  Pvts. Ernest Gorden, Art Gattie, Henry Turner, Russ Burrows, and Carlton Carpenter
Of the men in the photo, only Pvt. Ernest Gorden went to the Philippines and died as a POW.

1st Sgt. Caroll Guin, on left, and Company Clerk Cpl. Milan Anderson, on right, get the his history from Pvt. Bill Smith

1st Sgt. Carroll Guin, Pvt. Bill Smith, and Cpl. Milan Anderson died as Japanese POWs

Members of A Company stuff mattresses that they took with them to Fort Lewis, Washingotn

Members of A Company receive chow at the armory

Cpl. Lee MacDonald receives clothing from S/Sgt. Peter Clabo at the armory.
S/Sgt. Peter Clabol did not go to the Philippines.
Cpl. Lee MacDonald died as a POW.

From left to right: Capt Ernest Miller, 1st Lts. John Muir, Clinton Quinlen, 2nd Lts. Edward Burke, Arthur Root
1st Lt. Clinton Quinlen and  2nd Lt. Arthur Root died while Japanese POWs.