The above menu was signed by the members of A Company in September 1940 at the Carl Sydney Hanson American Legion Post in Brainerd, Minnesota.

In this photo, taken in the armory in Brainerd, are the members of A Company, 194th Tank Battalion, just before they left for Fort Lewis, Washington.
First Row L to R:  1st Sgt. Carroll M. Guinn+, S/Sgt. Russell L. Swearigan, S/Sgt.Peter Clabo*, S/Sgt. Robert E. Weygand*, Capt. E. B. Miller, 1st Lt. John S. Muir, 1st Lt. Clinton D. Quinlen+,
2nd Lt. Edward L. Burke, 2nd Lt. Arthur J. Root+, S/Sgt. Charles A. Dunnell*, Sgt. Arthur W. Brown*, Sgt. Boyce W. Hyatt, Sgt. Francis D. Davis*, Sgt. Walter H. Samuelson+.

2nd Row L to R: Sgt. Frederick F. Lowe*, Sgt. David E. Karlson+, Sgt. Byron L. Veilette+, Sgt James L. Johnson*, Sgt. Harlen A. Peterson*, Cpl. Milan E. Anderson+, Cpl. Glen H. Nelson^,
Cpl. Walter B. Straka, Cpl. James F. McComas, Cpl Wallace F. Goodrich+, Cpl. Donald H. Paine+, Cpl. Paul A. Saarinen+, Cpl. Lee D. MacDonald.

3rd Row L to R: Cpl. Howard J. Larson+, Cpl. Kenneth J. Porwoll, Cpl. Herbert F. Strobel+, Cpl. Maxwell S. Dobson+, Pfc. Walter R. Davis*, Pfc. Warren T. Lackie, Pvt. Arthur B. Thomas,
Pvt. Harold A. Snell+, Pfc. Ross H. Burrows*, Pvt. Alpheus W. Brown, Pvt. Billie E. Brown+, Pvt. Claude Gilmer+.

4th Row L to R: Pvt. George H. Roth*, Pfc. John H. Falconer, Pvt. Ferdinand J. Fredrickson*, Pvt. Sid H. Saign, Pvt. John E. Pederson^, Pfc .Arthur J. Gattie+, Pvt. Wince L. Solsbee+,
Pvt. Orvin C. Carpenter*, Pvt. Lawrence R. Alberg, Pfc. Pearlie L. Clevenger+, Pfc. Kenneth R. Gorden, Pvt. Robert E. Swanson, Pvt. Harvey L. Finch+, Pvt. Frank E. South+.

5th Row L to R: Pfc. Henry F. Turner*, Pfc. James R. Clevenger+, Pvt. John C. Spornitz+, Pfc. Raymond E. Fox, Pfc. Wallace C. Lee+, Pvt. August Bender+, Pvt. John J. Allen, Pvt. Melvin D. Ahlgrim,
Pfc. Richard E. Davis+, Pvt. Wesley J. Kerrigan, Pvt. Ernest M. Gorden+, Pvt. Clifford D. Rardin, Pfc. Ralph M. Hollingsworth.

Back Row L to R: Pfc. Glen S. Oliver, Pvt. Carl M. Kramp, Pvt. Willis A. Bjornstad*, Pvt. Henry G. Homberg*, Pfc. Clarence L. Goninan*, Pvt. Ernest F. Brusseau+, Pvt. Henry G. Peck,
Pvt. Roy E. Maghan+, Pvt. Floyd T. Munger*, Pvt. John B. Joosten*, Pfc. Gerald J. Bell, Pvt Joseph P. Lamkin.

* Did not go to the Philippine Islands
+ Killed in Action or died while a Japanese POW
^ Returned to United States the first week of December 1941 to attend Officers Candidates School

Courtesy of the Porwoll Family

In the fall of 1941, Donald Paine and Russell Garrison pose for this photo outside Fort Stotsenburg, Philippine Islands.

Both men died while Japanese POWs.

Courtesy of Jeff Sauer

Pfc. Harvey Finch poses for this photo in front of a M2A2 Tank.

Pfc. Harvey Finch died as a Japanese POW.

Courtesy of Ramona Anderson


Sgt. Kenneth Porwoll poses for this picture by the barracks of the 194th Tank Battalion at Fort Lewis, Washington.

Courtesy of the Porwoll Family

Fort Lewis, Washington, during the summer of 1941.

Courtesy of Porwoll Family

Barracks of the 194th Tank Battalion at Fort Lewis, Washington.

Courtesy of the Porwoll Family

Cpl. Ken Porwoll posees for a picture at Ft. Lewis, Washington.