The Remains of these Members of C & HQ Companies were Buried at the American Military Cemetery at Manila as Unknowns


S/Sgt. Carl E. Abbott*

Cpl. Francis E. Aram* - Assigned to HQ Company

M/Sgt. Floyd W. Bickmore* - Assigned to HQ Company

Pfc.  Dean E. Cederblom*

Cpl. Raymond N. DeCloss* - Assigned to Medical Detachment

Tec 4 Lloyd O. Cole* - Assigned to HQ Company

Pvt. Dorsey W. Foshee*

Pvt. Robert L. Miller*

Sgt. Robert H. Mitchell*

Pvt. Clifford G. Stevens*

Pvt. John H. White*

Tec 5 Joseph E. Willrodt*


* California National Guardsman 


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