The Remains of these Members of A Company were Buried at the American Military Cemetery at Manila as Unknowns


T/4 Vern J. Campbell

S/Sgt. Pearlie L. Clevenger*

Pfc. Adrian J. Coulter

Pvt. Wallace F. Goodrich*

Pvt. Ernest M. Gorden*

Cpl. George W. Grui

Pvt. Theodore W. Hendron**

Pvt Claude W. Herron***

Pvt. Andrew J. Kelly

T/5 William C. Kent

T/Sgt. Julius S. J. Knudsen

Pvt. Eugene M. O'Conner

T/4 Wince L. Solsbee*

Pfc. John B. Tapaszi

Cpl. Kenneth G. Thomas

S/Sgt. Byron L. Veillette*

Pfc. George Yacob


* Minnesota National Guardsman
** Washington National Guardsman
***Wyoming National Guardsman


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